Brief resume (in English)



- Co-Founder of CARIGE


- Scholar work/research : 30+ articles published in scientific peer reviewed journals : here and there in English for instance. I publish mainly on development issues in the Caribbean (from Jamaica to the Guyanas, Haiti, Martinique, etc.).  


- Journalism : Correspondant for the Caribbean region for the French monthly Le Monde Diplomatique. You can find samples here in the Brazilian edition and there in the French edition of the journal. You may also find an English translation in International Boulevard here. I have also published many articles in various French online media. 


- Writing : I am the author of 5 books on Caribbean development issues (Jamaica, Haiti, Trinidad, etc.). Last books published in Canada available here and there. Shortlisted for the "Prix des écrivains de la Caraïbe" (2015 - Guadeloupe) and "Festival des Etonnants Voyageurs" (St Malo, France, 2015).


- Teaching (Ph.D in Geography, 2010): I lecture mainly at the "Université des Antilles", in Martinique. I also spent one year lecturing at the University of the West Indies, in St Augustine, Trinidad, and I have lectured on couples occasions at Mona campus in Jamaica.  


- Professional cartographer : You will find samples of my cartography work here and there.  


- Working free-lance for French institutions, helping building online data-bases with GIS content (here), co-writing reports for the French Agency for Development (here), leading regional online projects for Caribbean Universities (here)... 


- I also give conferences on Caribbean development issues, Caribbean languages and culture, Caribbean economy, etc. Samples here